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YRLA is a beauty company offering cosmetic and medical treatments. YRLA is specialised in injection treatment that uses the same natural approach that utilizes the body's own healing process by activating stem cells.

Client: YRLA

Mission: Visual identity design, web design

Date: 2021


Logo design by my colleague Sandra Bergström

In their brand platform YRLA describes their three core values: Nordic, natural and forefront

The identity was created to reflect the core values. We wanted it to feel organic and pure without a lot of decoration. It was important to give it a calm and professional tone.

Young Blond Model

Brand color palette


240 225 210

7 13 20 0


155 63 57

27 80 70 25


220 230 225

17 5 13 2


5 70 58

90 45 70 52


255 81 40

0 80 90 0

The brand color palette puts the core values in color codes. They feel earthy, organic and toned-down. Inspiration can be found in nature – in sand, soil and moss. 

The earthy palette is complemented with a fiery accent. Used in small amounts the accent color brings boldness and power to the identity.

Complementary tones


Bold typography to catch the eye and lift up the message

A significant part of YRLA's identity design lies in its bold and distinctive typography. The primary typeface, Saol Display, has a classic structure but draws attention with sharp, exaggerated details – giving it a contemporary feel.

Saol Display is only used in headings and needs a more down-to-earth companion to do the boring work. As a simple grotesque Inter doesn't draw attention to itself and works perfectly in longer texts.


Typography example

yrla-affisch-mockup-inne 2.jpg


Headings are created combining upper case and lower case letters to give the message rhythm and power.


The wavy graphic elements express circulation and renewal and are inspired by movement and organic lines. 

Examples of still background graphics


Printed brochure example

"Give your skin and hair a new life – without chemicals"


Gift package example


Gift card example


Menu design on the website

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