Vilda Viggo

Vilda Viggo was founded in 2017 by a Swedish entrepreneur and lecturer Sandra Wessel. Her son Viggo was born with a multifunctional disability and therapy-resistant epilepsy. The idea behind Vilda Viggo is to spread information about various disabilities from a mother's perspective.

Viggo is a wild child  full of energy – this how the name Vilda Viggo (=Wild Viggo) was born.

Client: Vilda Viggo

Time: Fall 2017

Mission: Logo & pattern design


For Vilda Viggo I wanted to create a playful logotype with personality. The sparkling energy of Viggo gave an idea of a wild little rabbit which seemed like a suitable character to the theme.


The frisky and vibrant purple is the favourite colour of Viggo. The energetic yellow gives contrast to the palette. Idea for the pattern also came from Viggo, who loves building and tinkering.


Different shapes and sizes of blocks is a representation of diversity – we're all unique.