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Tessin Nordic

Tessin Nordic Holding is a digital investment platform operating in the real estate industry. I started working with Tessin in 2019 by presenting a redesign to their visual identity. Since then I've produced all types of digital and printed material for the company.

Client: Tessin Nordic AB

Mission: Visual identity redesign, layout design, print products

Date:  2021


Tessin was in need of an update to its visual identity – yet holding on to the elements that already had been imprinted to people's minds

Some parts of the original visual identity needed to be kept to sustain the recognisability. Logo design went through small enhancements and the new brand color palette is derived from the original.


The name of the company is inspired by Nicodemus Tessin, a prominent Swedish architect in the 17th century.  The company's logomark is a silhouette of Tessin. In the redesign process the logo design went through small adjustments, got less details and a cleaner form.


Cover of a financial report

Instead of a one big launch Tessin's updated visual identity has been introduced gradually. We started by updating the color scheme from bright turquoise to more darker and deeper tones of green.  

For Tessin's brand typography I wanted to find a typeface that could meet the specific needs of Tessin's material: be functional in both large titles and in the smallest body texts, contain a beautiful, clean set of numbers and feel timeless, yet modern.

Messina Sans by Luzi Type matches the brief with a stripped-down look and great legibility – although this proposal hasn't yet been put to use. In use today is two typefaces, Museo and Open Sans, that were introduced in the very beginning of Tessin in 2014 (hence the material with these typefaces in use).


Mathematical symbols being used as building blocks in a Tetris-like compositions symbolise Tessin's core business

The static, yet dynamic graphic elements create eye-catching compositions, sparking the attention of the viewer.


Proposal for outdoor advertisement 


Pages of financial report 2020


Front and back cover of financial report 2020


Printed broschure

Since I first started working with Tessin in 2019 – apart from the visual identity – I've had the pleasure of designing all kinds of materials for the company: printed and digital brochures, financial reports, social media assets, mini-identity for a podcast, staff handbook, etc. 


Cover of the digital staff handbook


Proposal for outdoor advertisement 


Website start page proposal (mobile)


Website start page proposal (desktop)

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