Still Café & Bar

Still Café & Bar is a street food restaurant and bar in Luleå, Sweden. The restaurant serves simple street food and high-end coffee in a beautiful and minimalistic interior. The restaurant is located in the busiest walking street of the city and takes in a good number of impulse customers.


For Still Café & Bar I wanted to create a logo that represents street food culture in an authentic, fresh and a playful way and is in line with the looks of the restaurant. The design also needed to catch the eyes of the passers-by and attract them to step in.

Client: Still Café & Bar

Mission: Logo design

Date: 2018


For the design I drew the inspiration from street art; gratifies, wall tags and urban murals.


As I sketched the logo by hand I found an interesting flow in the word. That resulted in a dynamic shape, that could be sprayed on a wall in two seconds.

Handmade logo sketch

With the dynamic and bold shape the design pays its respect to the culture of wall tags and street art.


Being minimalistic the design communicates well in its environment. In its simplicity the logo is also strong and independent – it doesn’t need a lot of other shapes and colours around it.