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Pirjo Jurva is born and raised in Tervola, a small village in the southern parts of Finnish Lapland. Her company Pirjo Jurva Tmi offers home maintenance services, baking, cooking and traditional handicrafts.

Pirjo worked in an office position for almost thirty years – until one day she decided that it was time for a change. She had always been passionate about baking, cooking and housework, and now she was going to help others with those chores.

Client: Pirjo Jurva Tmi

Time: Summer 2017

Mission: Brand strategy, visual identity design, content strategy, communication


The logo design was inspired by the idea of traditional handicrafts. The curvy mark got its shape from knitting and is a symbol for on-going movement.

The brand colours consist of dark blue and light grey. Blue is not only the iconic for Finland (hence a good symbol for traditional Finnish delicacies and handicrafts) but also locally significant. The village Pirjo Jurva was born and raised and started her company at, is divided in two by the river Kemi. Kemi river is the longest river in Finland and bears meaning for the people in Tervola. Blue also happens to be Pirjo's favourite colour.


The brand pattern Herkku ("Delicacy") features small drawings of the various salty and savoury treats Pirjo Jurva provides for her customers. Minimalistic and humorous icons illustrate the brand's identity: easily approachable and always hand made.

Brand material I've designed for Pirjo Jurva consists of a brand brochure, seasonal menus, stickers for product packaging as well as different give-aways such as tote bags, kitchen towels and dishcloths.


I made a digital strategy and communication plan for Pirjo Jurva Tmi's social media channels. Today Pirjo drives her daily social media mainly herself and only needs my help with bigger projects, such as campaigns and brand videos.

The communication plan for Pirjo Jurva Tmi's social media channels helped her to reach her customers and approach new audiences. She is now not only doing advertising in her channels but also manages most of the dialog with customers via Facebook and Instagram.


Today, four years later, Pirjo has four employees and a growing customer base.

And a job she loves.

Handmaid carpets are one of Pirjo Jurva's most popular handicraft products.

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