Artist Mirja Palo

Mirja Palo is a singer and musician from Norrbotten, Sweden. Her music is a combination of tradition and new, created with the Finnish folk instrument Kantele, her voice and an electric pedal. Mirja Palo draws inspiration to her music from the northern landscapes, mountains, river, forest and all living surrounding us.

Mirja Palo's music is organic and driven by the love for nature, specifically the extraordinary surroundings of northern Sweden. These values were the most important things to portray in the logo design.

Client: Mirja Palo

Time: Winter 2017

Mission: Logo design


The symbol got its curvy, soft shape from the snowy mountains of Jokkmokk. Dotted circle around the mountain represents the life of these scenery views: these mountains have stayed the same through ages – and continue to do so.


The logotype is clean and subtle in its form. Connection to the nature can be found in the details: in many cultures a dot in the middle of a circle is a symbol for the sun.


In northern parts of Sweden the sun plays a special role as in the middle of summer it doesn't set and in the middle of winter it doesn't rise. This unique and drastic change of light creates a foundation for the plain colour palette with only black and white.