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Litium is a digital, scalable e-commerce platform that empowers its clients to excellent online sale in both B2B and B2C. Keywords to the platform are fast, flexible and growth; with Litium's platform companies are able to react quickly and adapt – and therefore capable of fast growth.

Client: Litium

Mission: Visual identity redesign

Date: 2021


Litium was in need of a new visual identity that would reflect the level of outstanding quality and features of the platform.

The existing visual identity was out-dated and didn't succeed in representing the brand. The new identity needed to bring in a feeling of a serious, professional actor in a fast-moving digital arena – while still respecting the original design. Some key features was kept, with subtle enhancements made.


Previous logo design


Updated logo design

Updated logo design

While still staying true to its old aesthetics we made some adjustments to the logo. Bigger size with a smaller negative space made the symbol stand out. Lower case letters and tighter spacing on created a neat and stable logotype. Using one colour only makes the use of the logo more convenient as well as it gives more attention to the primary blue. 


​One of the biggest changes to the identity was the change of typography. Problems with the current typeface, Dual, were that it was experienced bland and lacking personality. From Dual we went to NT Bau – a raw and neutral typeface with unique and distinctive details. NT Bau is a typeface designed by Nodo™ Type Foundry.

Together with the typeface we introduced guidelines that would give all material structure and make the design coherent.


Typography example

One of the most important touchpoint for Litium is the company presentation. We created a presentation that represents the brand accordingly and impresses the viewer both visually and content-wise.

Examples of presentation slides

Grid system

One of the main issues with Litiums previous identity was that the layouts felt messy and material incoherent. To solve this we created a simple grid. Using the grid on design material created balanced layouts that felt consistent through all mediums.


Example of the use of the grid


Web design by my teammate Lucas Löf 

"Fast, flexible, growth."




Business card proposal

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