During my time at Helikopter Brand Design Agency I designed marketing material for a festival in Piteå. The festival had a visual identity which I followed in the material I made.

Together with my collague Linda Granberg I made a digital marketing strategy for the festival. This included all content for Instagram and Facebook before and during the festival.

Client: Festspelen

Time: Summer 2018

Mission: Digital marketing strategy, marketing material (print & digital)

AD: Eva Andersson


Creating a social media strategy involved defining different types of target groups and designing content specially directed to them.

During the project I also produced the visual campaign material for Festspelen's social media channels. Before this Festspelen hadn't had communication on social media so the I designed the visual layout for their feed based on their visual identity.


My assignment was also to produce all the printed material for the festival

This included e.g. ads, brochures, tickets and program sheets.